“I never promised you a rose garden”
is a wonderful and emotional book written by Hannah Green.
And the book tells exactly what coaching is about.

A coach will never give you a rose garden.
He will provide you with the tools and means to create your own rose garden.

A coach will not plow the land for you.
Instead he will give you a plow and other tools so you can farm yourself

and proudly harvest the goals you set during the coaching sessions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Coaching is been practiced in many ways and methodologies.
Coach Michiel Paulus mainly uses NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, because of its towards bound direction.
NLP is about what a coachee wants, where he wants to go, where he wants to be.
Coaching people with NLP means transforming a problem or a complaint into a challenge or an outcome.
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The Silva Method (Group training)

The Silva Method is the original mind development program where you can learn
to actually use the untapped power of your mind to accomplish whatever you desire.

By training the guided Dynamic Meditations you will develop and learn to use your brain in a special way,
the way Einstein and many other geniuses are using their brain.

The Silva Method is combined with the most effective patterns of Neuro Linguistic Programming
More about the Silva Method Training click here

Coaching and training for students

Life coaching helps to motivate students by making them aware what they really want in the future.
The more students have a picture of their future profession the more it is likely they will reach their desired future.

Personal and life coaching

A coach helps people who want a change in their life.
People who desire a new challenge, another job, but have no idea what and how.
They are stuck in old believes and habits.

A coach guides them to replace change old useless believes and behavior.

Problems and complaints are what a clients doesn’t want, so called “Away From’s”.
Exploring and finding challenges and an creating outcome is called a “Toward”.
Away From’s are parts of the past and present.
A Toward is a desired situation and outcome in the future.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a very flexible methodology.
It can as easily be adapted to the magical world of a child as to the mature world of managers, teachers, doctors, etc.

For children Michiel Paulus uses Matrix Coaching. This is based on NLP techniques.
With drawings and other playful games the child learns how to cope with problems
and reorganize and structure the chaos in his mind.

When you are looking for new opportunities, feeling stuck and desire to make a change your life. Yet you don’t know what to change, how to change and even don’t know where you want to go…


Michiel Paulus is the multi-talented and always learning founder and coach/trainer of Life Coach Davao and NLP Davao.

After high school Michiel Paulus started his study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Netherlands. He graduated for classic guitar in 1987

Already before he was studying at the Conservatory was interested in psychology. Michiel’s coaching is based on an outcome, a desired state in the future. This means that digging in a sometimes traumatic past is not are almost not necessary (Coaching is towards bound).

Michiel likes to work with people, helps them to grow and get the best out of them. He kept on learning after the Conservatory, and got his degree to teach in high school and elementary school. His interest in the close harmony motivated him to follow the three years course for choir conductor.

In his thirties he got familiar with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), first reading books from the library and soon after that starting with the NLP-Practitioner. NLP has touched him and his coaching heart. He proceeded with Master-Practitioner, Post Master Practitioner and NLP Coach of which he had certifications.

He also accomplished to finish the course Ericksonian Hypnosis and traditional hypnosis. Milton Erickson was a great hypnotherapist who had a big influence on NLP.

Besides his activities as music teacher he started personal coaching and training’s in The Netherlands.

Once in the Philippines, he immigrated in 2015 to Davao City he did not stop his activities and started the guitar and piano lessons again. In 2018 he was invited to start to teach classic guitar at U.I.C Davao at the Conservatory of Music. Together with the dean of the faculty he organized coaching workshops for the students to cope with stage fright and exam fear.

It will be the beginning of a series of empowering NLP workshops special created for the students.

Michiel sincerely hopes he can introduce NLP coaching and training in Davao City and on Mindanao so its citizens can also enjoy the benefits on Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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